Vending Machine Repair

Modern Vending Machines Offering Popular Snacks

Keep your employees, customers, students and visitors on-site by keeping them energized and happy.

A distinct advantage to having a vending machine service you can rely on is knowing that if you ever have issues, they’ll be fixed in hours not days.

We take great pride being the go-to vending machine company in and around the Raleigh triangle area. With that reputation comes serious results, only the highest quality products and repair services are acceptable for our machines and customers. With repair we only utilize the highest quality parts at the best prices for you.

One reason for that, in addition to the variety of popular, fresh snacks, is how quickly we resolve issues with our vending machines. No more waiting around for simple repairs. We can come out and service any type or brand of vending machine. Luckily we’re typically able to make repairs on location. But if need be, we have no issues transporting your machine back to our shop with us, to fix it up there.

After over 50 years in the vending machine business in and around the Raleigh area, we have learned that vending machines offer more than just snacks. They’re a place people can rely on for a treat, or gather around and chat in the office. We’ve also got a ton of experience in the field of vending machines, you can always be confident in a job well done.

A well stocked vending machine with everyone’s favorite food choices helps raise morale anywhere, from office kitchen to waiting room. A full and functioning vending machine can create an atmosphere that is conducive to happiness and well-being. We dont want to take that from your business, so we come out for repairs as quickly as we can.

It is not often that one of our customers calls us needing vending machine repair. However, when a repair is needed, we’re ready to react swiftly and get you fixed up. We can repair and rebuild your old vending machines to look like new again. We service snack and candy vending machines as well as drink and coffee vending machines. If you need vending machines moved or installed we handle that also, we can get you transported where you need to go.

Often times, employees, students, staff and even customers depend on being able to select their favorite snack or drink from vending machines. In the rare case one of our vending machines does not work, please, get in contact with us immediately. We will respond as soon as possible. Being out of commision just isn’t an option, your machine being down reflects negativley on your business and that’s the last thing that we want. You can trust Tosti Vending with all of your vending repair needs.

Does My Business Qualify For A Free Vending Machine?

We Provide Vending Service For Locations That Meet The Following Criteria


At least 75 full time on-site employees.


At least 15 full-time employees and 100 customers daily.


At least 40 guest rooms.


At least 500 units.


(Fitness Centers) Over 1,000 Members

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