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Healthy Vending Machines

You can now offer your employees, students, customers, and visitors healthier snack choices when it comes to getting snacks from the machine. This’ll help keep employees, customers, and everyone energized, happy, and healthy.

For businesses, healthy vending machines actually tend to be a time and money saver. By eating less unhealthy snack foods, you can count on your employees having a bit more pep in their step and maybe even better overall health. Healthy snacks are great for that end of the day energy boost.

We realize that there are a number of healthy vending options out there, but we are proud to be the go-to healthy vender in and around the Knightdale area. We’ve been in the vending machine business for upwards of 50 years now, as a family owned and operated business. We take a great amount of pride in what we do.

Quality Vending Machines in Knightdale NC

Not only do we offer modern, top of the line vending machines stocked with a wide variety of the freshest and most popular snacks, but our service is unparalleled. Our standard vending machines offer everyone that comes through your business a variety of popular snacks, from their favorite and most well-known brands. We’re proud of the quality products that we’re able to supply to all of our customers.

We know that when it comes to vending machines, you’re not short on choices. That’s why we’re so proud to be the most sought after vending machine service in and around Knightdale. We know how important it is to have a nice, well functioning vending machine in your business. We always keep all of our vending machines stocked full so every customer and staff member can have what they want and stay energized and happy! Check out our vending machine services and details!

Healthy Snacks

These days it’s almost essential to have alternatives to the regular vending machine snack choices, like cookies, potato chips, candy bars, other unhealthy foods. We try to offer a very wide variety with our healthy options with choices that are low-carb, low sodium, high protein, gluten free, sugar free, reduced fat, low cholesterol, and low calorie, while still being delicious. We also focus on healthier drink choices for our healthy vending machines with drinks like bottled water, vitamin water, juice and sports drinks. Many Americans are trending towards healthier eating, and we’re right there with them. Learn more about our Healthy Vending machine options!

Excellent Snacking Options!

Our standard vending machines have a very wide variety of the most popular snacks and beverages so that hopefully everyone that passes can find something they like.  We offer products from the most popular brands like Lays, General Mills, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Nestle, and much more. We keep choices of potato chips, cookies, chocolate bars, sweet, sodas, and more! 

With our routine servicing, you can rest assured that your vending machines are going to stay stocked with only the best snacks, to keep everyone in your business energized and going. Snack quality is an important factor of maintaining our vending machines. Tosti Vending’s dedication to quality is what sets us apart from the competition. Meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs is our top goal and priority always. We use nothing less than the freshest snacks.

get broken vending machines repairedVending Machine Repair Service

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a vending machine, dropping in your change or sliding in a dollar and then… nothing. Regardless of where you got your vending machine, Tosti can likely get it working again. With years of experience dealing with vending machines and all the problems that they can have, we can fix most issues with little to no downtime.

From simply replacing a lock to repairing coin mechanisms and validators – and even main boards, we have the experience to get any job done. If you need repairs, give us a call today. Please be prepared to give as much information as possible – type of machine, model number, etc. The more info you give us, the better prepared we can be to help you solve your problems and get back up and running!

Having a vending machine repairer that you know you can really rely on when you need to is a great feeling, you can count on simple issues being fixed in hours rather than days. We take pride in our reputation as being the go-to vending repair company in the Knightdale area. Often times, employees, students, staff and even customers depend on being able to select their favorite snack or drink from vending machines. Being out of commission just isn’t an option, having a broken machine just looks bad for your business and is inconvenient for everyone. You can trust Tosti Vending with all of your vending repair needs. Learn more about our vending machine repair services.

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